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What is natural liquid magnesium?

Natural Liquid Magnesium is a 100% natural mineral-rich liquid that forms at Lake Deborah, our ancient salt lake. Every year seasonal rains dissolve salt and other minerals on the lake. As summer arrives the rainwater gradually evaporates, leaving behind salt crystals and a mineral-rich liquid that is very high in magnesium. The only processing that takes place is further solar concentration in tanks at the lake, then filtering and bottling. We believe that this is the most natural magnesium supplement in the world.

What else is in the natural liquid magnesium?

Natural Liquid Magnesium is a completely natural product with nothing added and no processing apart from filtering.

Are your products australian made?

Yes, our company is 100% Australian owned and our magnesium and salt are are sourced from Lake Deborah in Western Australia. All our products are made in Western Australia.

How is natural liquid magnesium made?

Natural Liquid Magnesium is created by natural processes at work on our salt lake. Mineral rich brine is evaporated by the action of the sun and wind to produce a concentrated source of completely natural mineral-rich magnesium. While the liquid magnesium comes from a salt lake, it is very low in sodium because as the water evaporates from the lake, the salt (NaCl) crystallises first and drops out of the solution, leaving behind the concentrated essential minerals.

The Source 

Where do your products come from?

Our magnesium and salt are sourced from Lake Deborah in Western Australia. Lake Deborah is a natural, ancient salt lake. The minerals at Lake Deborah were deposited over millions of years and are free from modern pollutants, such as the micro plastics found in sea water which have been shown to make their way into salt made from modern sea water.

What is a salt harvest sanctuary?

Lake Deborah has been designated a Salt Harvest Sanctuary by the Government of Western Australia in order to protect the pristine natural environment of the lake and its surrounding ecosystem. No other activities are allowed to take place on or around the lake that will have an impact on the ecosystem or on the purity of our minerals.

Using Ancient Lakes Magnesium

What does it taste like?

Natural magnesium does taste quite bitter. This is because it contains very high concentrations of minerals. However, this is easily disguised in orange juice, sparking water and other drinks.

What about transdermal delivery?

Despite the heavy promotion of ‘transdermal’ magnesium products, there is no evidence or mechanism for magnesium passing through the skin and into the body’s tissues. The most effective way to increase your intake of magnesium is via your digestive tract.

recommended intakes

1ml, or 15 drops, contains approximately 100mg of magnesium.

The table below shows the tolerable upper intake levels of magnesium supplementation as determined by the US National Institute of Health.

We recommend that you discuss any form of dietary supplementation with your doctor, especially if you have any health conditions. People with impaired kidney function must consult their doctor before taking supplemental magnesium.

We do not recommend taking magnesium drops to the point of experiencing a laxative effect.

for Children

We recommend checking with a medical professional to see if magnesium supplementation is suitable for your child. Magnesium contributes to normal growth and development in children. These vary with age and can be seen in the table.

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