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Ancient Lakes Magnesium sustainably harvest magnesium-rich minerals from our pristine ancient salt lake to create a unique range of magnesium and salts products.

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Situated within a Salt Harvest Sanctuary.

Beautiful Lake Deborah is the source of Ancient Lakes’ unique magnesium solution.

An exceptional product. Thank you, Scott, for the above and beyond excellent customer service!
— June Hensley
Highly recommend. I can highly recommend using Ancient Lakes magnesium products - they are the best. I also use the electrolytes, magnesium & keto salts, the balm & of course the fabulous magnesium cream which suits my skin very well.
— Anne
Thank you for a wonderful product. I also use the moisturiser, body lotion and topical spray with excellent results.
— Nicole
I love your magnesium! Keep up the good work guys.
— Michelle
Your products are the best!
— Jeanie
Loving it! Been using now for approximately 7 months and loving it. I use the bath crystals and wash my hair in the bath.... voila! No more oily hair!
— Adele
I highly recommend these products. These products are making quite a difference to my life. I highly recommend these products.
— Julie
I can't believe the difference these beautiful drops make to my life. It has been 6 months now and I can't believe the difference these beautiful drops make to my life. Thank you (from the bottom of my tummy!) :)
— Leeann
My skin has improved remarkably. The moisturising cream, body lotion and deodorant have improved my skin tenfold!
— Schana