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Ancient Lakes Magnesium sustainably harvest magnesium-rich minerals from our pristine ancient salt lake to create a unique range of magnesium and salts products.

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Natural Liquid Magnesium 95 mL

(28 reviews)

Certified Organic Input*

Ancient Lakes Natural Liquid Magnesium contains 98,000 ppm magnesium.

A convenient way to add more magnesium to your diet.


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C+Salts Kakadu Plum Mineral Support Powder - 120g

Formulated Supplementary Sports Food. A unique blend of wholefood vitamin C from Kakadu Plum plus essential sodium and potassium salts for vitamin C and electrolyte support.


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Mineral Balance - Essential Electrolytes 425g

(3 reviews)

A balanced mineral supplement containing sodium chloride, potassium and magnesium.

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Our Family

For three generations our family has harvested natural salt from Lake Deborah and enjoyed the benefits of pure magnesium in our diets. Now we are excited to share our unique range of magnesium products with you and your family, so you too can discover this ancient mineral.

Our company is 100% Western Australian owned and our magnesium and salt are produced naturally here in Western Australia.

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Our Unique Source

Deep in the Western Australian desert lies pristine Lake Deborah, protected within a Salt Harvest Sanctuary. This ancient salt lake provides a sustainable source of our natural magnesium and salt.

We work in harmony with nature to ensure that Lake Deborah’s unique ecosystem is protected, leaving our magnesium and salt free from modern pollutants.

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