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Ancient Lakes Magnesium sustainably harvest magnesium-rich minerals from our pristine ancient salt lake to create a unique range of wellness and personal care products.
All our products are enhanced with our completely natural magnesium liquid ‘bitterns’ to boost your intake of this essential mineral and to improve your health and wellbeing from inside and out.

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Deep soothe thermal balm

(4 reviews)

An aromatic, 100% natural heating and cooling muscle rub with organic magnesium, fermented chilli extract and essential oils.

This soothing, moisturising balm combines our natural Lake magnesium in a certified organic Australian beeswax base.


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Natural Liquid Magnesium 95mL

(29 reviews)

Certified Organic

Ancient Lakes natural, magnesium-rich ‘bitterns’ contain 98,000 ppm magnesium.


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C+Salts Kakadu Plum Mineral Support Powder - 120g

(1 reviews)

Ancient Lakes C+Salts Kakadu Plum Mineral Supplement provides unique blend of wholefood vitamin C from Kakadu Plum plus essential sodium and potassium salts for vitamin C and electrolyte support.


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Our Family

For three generations our family has harvested natural salt from Lake Deborah and enjoyed the benefits of pure magnesium in our diets. Now we are excited to share our unique range of magnesium products with you and your family, so you too can discover the benefits of this ancient mineral.

Our company is 100% Western Australian owned and our magnesium and salt are produced naturally here in Western Australia.

Our business is based on the principles of purity, sustainability and evidence-based health and wellness.

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An Essential Mineral

Magnesium is essential for life – over 300 reactions in the human body depend on it. The best source of magnesium is a healthy diet, but research tells us that you may not be getting enough through your food alone. Our modern lives contribute to depleted magnesium through stress, alcohol, refined foods, ageing and soft or treated water.

If your magnesium levels are out of balance our unique range of supplements can help you to increase your intake of this critical element for improved health and wellbeing.

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Our Unique Source

Deep in the Western Australian desert lies pristine Lake Deborah, protected within a Salt Harvest Sanctuary. This ancient salt lake provides a sustainable source of our ionic magnesium products: 100% natural, organic, additive-free and vegan.

We work in harmony with nature to ensure that Lake Deborah’s unique ecosystem is protected, leaving our magnesium bitterns and salt free from modern pollutants.

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The Secret to Getting More
Magnesium Every Day

  1. Take our magnesium drops in a glass of juice or sparking water

  2. Add our magnesium bitterns to a cocktail, or use our Mineral Balance salt to rim your margarita glass!

  3. Apply our magnesium topical spray to boost your skin’s natural barrier

  4. Add your daily magnesium drops to your bottled water to sip throughout the day – spreading out your magnesium over the course of the day can be particularly beneficial

  5. Take bitterns with an aperitif before dinner to boost magnesium and aid digestion

  6. Use our Mineral Balance culinary salt sprinkled on your food, or add it while you are cooking

  7. Add our magnesium topical spray or salt to your bath with some essential oils to relieve stress

  8. Use our bitterns diluted 50:50 with water as a mouthwash – magnesium is beneficial for oral and dental health

  9. Magnesium is a natural laxative, so if you need to get things moving, take a slightly larger dose than normal to relieve constipation

  10. Use in place of a massage oil to relieve sore muscles and aid relaxation

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