Lake Deborah, in the Central Western region of Western Australia, is an ancient wonder formed over millions of years.

Long ago, ancient minerals from the sea were carried inland by winds, creating vast deposits. These minerals were originally flushed back to the Indian Ocean through the Avon River, but about a million years ago, the river's flow was blocked, marooning the minerals inland. This is when Lake Deborah was formed, and since then, it has been a natural phenomenon that plays a crucial role in our family's business.

Each year, the winter rains cover Lake Deborah, dissolving the minerals beneath its surface, forming a mineral-rich brine. As the seasons change, the warm spring and summer sun, along with the evaporative winds, work together to create a mineral-rich salt crust. Just below the surface, concentrated brines are formed, which we further concentrate in ponds at the lake's edge using only the energy of the sun.

Our production process is based entirely on this natural cycle. We physically remove the precipitated salt crystals, using the sun's heat and evaporative winds as our primary sources of energy. What remains is a saturated solution of magnesium-rich salts—our signature Ancient Lake's Natural Liquid Magnesium. Through this process, we harness the nutrient-rich minerals from Lake Deborah to create our 100% natural magnesium supplement while allowing the lake to regenerate naturally each year.

Our family's story with Lake Deborah began in 1944, when our grandfather returned from World War II. His brother recognized the gap in Western Australia's salt industry and seized the opportunity to start a salt business. Back then, our grandfather and his brothers braved the scorching sun and back-breaking labour to shovel salt by hand. They filled hessian bags with salt crystals, loaded them onto trucks, and shipped them by train to Perth. It was gruelling work, but it laid the foundation for what became our family's salt business.

Almost 80 years later, we continue to be part of this tradition, harvesting high-quality salt and magnesium from Lake Deborah. Our methods have evolved, but we still use age-old techniques and long-term sustainable practices. At Ancient Lakes, we are environmentally conscious, aware of our need to preserve Lake Deborah and its natural wonder for many generations to come—just as our ancestors did before us.

In 2012, a Salt Harvest Sanctuary was established by the Western Australian Government, with our family playing a key role in its creation. This sanctuary guarantees that Lake Deborah will be protected now and in the future. It ensures that no other activities are allowed to take place on or around the lake, preserving its purity and delicate ecosystem.

We are proud of our extremely low carbon footprint, thanks to our sustainable harvesting methods and reliance on the energy of mother nature. This approach not only honours our ancestors' legacy but also ensures that Lake Deborah and its surrounding environment remain vibrant for generations to come.

Our story is one of grit, resilience, and a profound respect for nature. As we continue to harvest high-quality salt and magnesium from Lake Deborah, we remain committed to responsible practices and a deep connection to the land. It's a journey that reflects the beauty and power of this ancient lake, and one that will inspire others to cherish and protect the natural world.

April 22, 2024