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Magnesium Topical Spray (Magnesium Oil)

Magnesium Topical Spray (Magnesium Oil)

Coming Soon!

Certified Organic*

Magnesium topical spray can be applied directly to the skin and is an ideal option for those who experience benefits from the topical application of magnesium.

Topical application of magnesium has been shown to improve skin barrier function, improve skin hydration and reduce dryness.

  • Easy to apply
  • Improves epidermal barrier
  • Use instead of massage oil to soothe tired or cramping muscles


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  • Highly recommended
    4 months ago

    When tight after exercising or just generally, I use this on my neck and calves. I get almost immediate relief. It's a staple in my medicine cupboard.

  • Can’t speak highly enough of these products.
    5 months ago

    I love these products the magnesium oil is easy to add a few drops into my daily shakes and I use the magnesium salt and spray regularly. Can’t speak highly enough of these products. Thank you.

  • Works a treat!
    Amanda – Perth WA
    5 months ago

    I use the Magnesium Topical Spray every night to help with post-exercise leg cramps. Works a treat! This is the only magnesium spray I have tried which didn’t sting or irritate my skin. Thanks for developing such a great product!

  • Magnesium Topical Spray
    Susan Kinson
    1 year ago

    I love this oil.It absorbs quickly into the skin and does not leave an oily residue. It's light and delicate yet highly effective. It has resolved an ongoing, long standing problem for me with my skin. The oil soothes and moisturises beautifully. It has helped heal scar tissue and has also helped with intense itching of the skin, the initial cause of the scar tissue as a result of constant scratching. I love all of the Ancient Lakes products, finding them to be effective for various health issues. I especially love the fact that the products are pure and natural, Australian made from the glorious Lake Deborah and run by an Australian family company. Every product is well researched and trialled by ordinary people like myself. I hope this business continues to grow and be successful because the hard work and generosity of the family involved is beyond what is usual for a company in these times.

  • Amazing
    1 year ago

    I also love this multi-use product. Not only is it good for itching, bites and rash - but can also double as a spray deodorant (just make sure you don't spray on newly shaved underarms ... you certainly know you're alive!!!)
    Very handy to keep in the car, cabinet and bag.

  • Tick Bite Freedom
    Kristy Blanke
    1 year ago

    Bloody Ginger - the Ninja cat, decides to waltz on in from his regular bush Hunt. Full of roo ticks and looking rather disheveled. I know I know!! Cats are feral and all should be shot!! But this cat is a real Ninja! He loves rabbits! We taught him that! And despite the doorstep prezzies, he also brings home unwanted bed bugs.
    So I woke up one morning and kicked him off my bed, he bloody-well knows not to sleep with me too! And throughout the day I was busy, not noticing the constant scratching. My job is intense with 30 kids demanding my everything!!

    At the end of the day I'm scrabbling for the loo and as I relax upon my throne, I scratch again at 'that' spot!! Look down, and there is the little Brown bugger!! As per usual, I don't bother to twist it a certain way or dab it with vaseline or any other so-called treatment! Nope, I rip the bugger out!! Satisfied, I flush it down, goosebumps on every skin surface and reach for my bag. As I do I see my new Magnesium deodorant. I Roll it on the bite, not sure why really!! Just do! Weirdo!!
    Low and behold! It hurts like lemon on a fine cut. Aw well, move on.
    Next day - scratch the little pinprick scab off and spray with topical spray. 3 days in and I have no itch, no swelling, no interest in it and I am only telling you because I have a foot covered in Mozzie bites!! Guess what I've just done! Yep! Sprayed it with Mag topical spray!!! You try it. Be the judge!! Hate tick bites! Love magnesium. I wonder if I can use it on my horse for sand fly bites??? Hmm!

  • Topical Mag Spray
    Kristy Blanke
    1 year ago

    So my hubby has been experiencing itching under the skin. Weird? Hell yeah!! But no treatment was fixing the problem. When I received my package, thought I'd give it a go on his arm. Not expecting much!! Upon asking how it felt, I was almost thrown to the floor! He said it had stopped. Completely! He does suffer psoriasis on his scalp and tries to control it with regular oil baths and green smoothies etc. But for the first time, I felt relieved for him. Whilst it is still just helping a symptom, it also helps his mind when before he was thinking he was crazy! I mean, who has an unscratchable itch under their skin?? Freak!! But today, the Mag spray is helping him feel more able to control the irritating desire to scratch! And for that, I will be forever grateful! Xx Thank you!!

    Noeleen Trueman
    1 year ago

    I have been using this on a slow healing sore.
    At last it is no longer.
    Dry , scaly skin is now smooth and flake free.

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