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Keto Salt Blend 425g

Keto Salt Blend 425g


Contains essential electrolytes for macro mineral replacement.

Ancient Lakes Keto Salt Blend is a balanced blend of essential macro minerals to help replace salts lost during exercise, summer heat or for those transitioning to a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

Combines ancient magnesium-rich salts from pristine Lake Deborah with our natural liquid magnesium and enriched with potassium.

One 3g serve (½ tsp) will provide you with 810mg sodium, 210mg potassium and 12mg magnesium.


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Directions for use:
To make a restoring mineral drink mix ½–1tsp of minerals (depending on your needs) in 500ml–1L of still or sparkling water and add lemon or lime juice to taste.

The benefits of this mineral drink can be boosted by adding your preferred dose of Ancient Lakes Natural Liquid Magnesium drops.

Can also be added to food in place of regular salt.

Also see our Getting Started Pack, which includes a pouch of Keto Salt and a 95mL bottle of our Natural Liquid Magnesium.

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