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Ancient Lakes Sample Pack

Ancient Lakes Sample Pack

Coming Soon!

This pack of generous-sized samples will allow you to try some of our best-selling products at a great price.


  • Concentrated Ionic Magnesium 50ml
  • Magnesium Topical Spray 50ml
  • Magnesium Enriched Salt 100g
  • Keto Salt 100g
  • C+Salts Kakadu Plum Mineral Supplement (8 capsules)

$41 value for $29.80


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Natural Liquid Magnesium 95mL

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Ancient Lakes natural, magnesium-rich ‘bitterns’ contain 98,000 ppm magnesium.


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Magnesium Topical Spray (Magnesium Oil)

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An ideal option for those who experience benefits from the topical application of magnesium.


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Magnesium Enriched Natural Lake Salt 425 grams

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Pure, natural Australian lake salt enhanced with our unique ionic magnesium bitterns.


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