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Laundry Magchan

Laundry Magchan


The laundry revolution from Japan – cleans and deodorises with no detergent needed! Laundry Magchan uses the power of magnesium to clean your laundry.

Laundry Magchan is fragrance-free, textile friendly and antibacterial without the use of synthetic chemicals. It removes odours, cleans laundry and leaves no traces of toxic substances that harm water and the environment. 

  • Reusable – up to 365 washes/1 year
  • 100% mineral based
  • Non-toxic
  • Ideal for sensitive skin, allergies and baby laundry
  • Antibacterial
  • Eco-friendly

For use in all washing machines; in both soft and hard water/cold and hot water. No suds means no need for rinse cycle, saving power and water consumption.

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How it works:
Laundry Magchan is filled with highly purified magnesium pellets which are specially processed with innovative Japanese technology. When the magnesium comes in contact with water, it generates bubbles of hydrogen and forms ionized alkaline water with an increased pH of approximately 10.5. This ionized alkaline water has the ability to remove/eliminate dirt, sebum, mould, bacteria, and odour leaving you with fresh, safe, and clean laundry!

Directions for use:

  1. Place Magchan into washing machine together with dirty laundry.
  2. Set to include soak cycle for 15–20 minutes to allow for the hydrogenated alkalized water to work with the dirty laundry for cleaning effectiveness.
  3. If preferred you can skip the rinse cycle as Magchan produces no suds.
  4. After wash cycle is complete, hang Magchan to air dry. For consecutive loads, Magchan may be used without drying.

Note: Because Magchan does not contain chemical bleaching or brightening agents, for tough stains, we suggest applying stain remover on stained areas before washing.

Caution: DO NOT USE with chlorine-based detergent or bleach.

Replace when weight of bag has reduced to 70g. The magnesium pellets may then be added to your garden to enrich your soil.

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