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The Ancient Lakes Story

Frank, Scot and Emily

Ancient Lakes Magnesium is a small family business based in Perth, Western Australia.

The Lister family has harvested mineral-rich salt from pristine ancient salt lakes in Western Australia for over three generations.

The salt is created anew every year on the lake’s surface by the rain, sun and wind, protected inside a Salt Harvest Sanctuary that guarantees its purity.

Below the salt layer lies a unique source of magnesium and other essential trace elements. This is commonly known as magnesium ‘oil’, but in fact is a concentrated ionic magnesium solution properly known as ‘bitterns’.

The Shocking Reality of a Rare Disease

In 2006, Frank was struck down by a rare auto-immune disease which destroyed his kidneys in less than a week. Thankfully, his wife Margaret was a compatible donor. After more than a year on dialysis, Margaret gave Frank a kidney and a new lease on life!

Before becoming ill, Frank was turning over the germ of an idea in his head to harvest our unique magnesium bitterns. His sudden illness and forced retirement from his family business put these plans on the back burner where they stayed for ten years.

Dreams of Revival and Renewal

It wasn’t until 2015 that our family revived this idea and worked together to bring it to life. Our research showed us that magnesium is not only an essential mineral in the human body, but that thousands of people were not consuming ideal amounts of magnesium in their diets.

Startling Scientific Evidence

We have now amassed an enormous body of scientific evidence on the importance of magnesium to human health. We are confident that magnesium helps us to flourish and thrive and we want to share the benefits of our magnesium-rich bitterns with you.

We are so excited to be starting our new business, and to be sharing our unique source of magnesium with Australia and the world! We hope that you like it!

Frank, Emily and Scot

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